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About the Artist


Brenda Burgett has always had an eye for seeing the beauty in the small details.  She has had a successful career as an interior designer for over 30 years and has had the pleasure to help her clients create their own beautiful and comfortable Haven.

Brenda began painting when she was a little girl. She recalls the days her Mom and she would visit art museums and when her Mom would take her to her painting classes. Brenda has always loved art, and painting has always been her passion. 

In 2020, her family escaped to their little log cabin in the woods nestled right on the lakefront. There, in their Haven, her twins did their online school, her puppy played in the woods and Brenda felt blessed to have a peaceful place to pick up her paintbrush again. Brenda’s work reflects her love of nature and God’s wonders. She hopes that her art brings you and your family the same joy it has brought her while creating her one-of-a-kind original art.

Brenda, her husband, twins, and puppy reside in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, and love to escape to their happy place, their cabin “Hidden Haven.”

Follow Brenda on Instagram to see more of her work @bbhavenstudio

A Note from Brenda

A Note from Brenda...

Painting a difference… from the heart .I’ve been thinking about how blessed I am to be able to do what I love. 
For over 30 years I did interior design and the biggest reason I enjoyed doing it was being able to help others. I absolutely loved seeing how happy people were with their finished spaces and the process of making their home a Haven. 
I know painting is a gift and I would love it if my paintings could make a difference somehow. In addition to them stirring some emotion, hopefully, they will bring you some joy and beauty. I want to paint something that is not only meaningful but matters and makes a difference.
Here’s a story I would like to share, after my mom died of Alzheimer’s I couldn’t paint. Every time I tried, I started to cry, it was too much.
My mom was my biggest encourager. 
Everything about my painting brought back many memories. 
Memories of her taking me to art lessons, art museums, 
Painting for her, her finally taking painting lessons herself and painting beautiful paintings.
I couldn’t go there yet.
But something kept telling me I needed to paint again and I thought, ok then
Maybe I should paint something really big, like my grief and a style I didn’t usually do, so I painted. It was a gift to my husband for his birthday, it was a while after my mom passed and it ended up being a gift to me too because I felt so close to my mom as I painted. I could hear her say you need to use your gift God gave you Brenda.
Also, as I painted the color purple kept coming through in my painting, I wasn’t using purple paint for this, or any color that you mixed to get purple, but it was my mom’s favorite color and it kept showing up on my painting. For me, it was another sign that I needed to paint. Another wonderful gift was my daughter started painting at her easel while I painted. Signs from heaven…
I lost my beautiful mother way too early to Alzheimer’s, so when you buy one of my paintings  I am donating a portion of it to the Alzheimer Association. And I’m sure there will be a little purple in every painting 💜

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